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About Steve


This is Steve…
Hi, I’m Steve Dalby, and Welcome to my blog!

...leading a Disaster Recovery workshop

Steve leading the team at a Disaster Recovery Workshop at Oxford University


I have worked in IT and business for the last 30 years, starting as a boy apprentice in the Post Office Telecommunications as a trainee engineer.  This introduced me to Cabling, voice switching, project management (seriously), and an early attempt at man management, at which I failed…

Needless to say I learnt from this and subsequently, successfully, completed a UK wide X25 network (used to transfer data between a group of 27 stockbroking offices) which was the first of many networks I have planned, designed and installed.  From the Post Office I went to the National Investment Group (Network manager: London), then Ford Motor Company Research and Engineering centre (European Projects: Essex), St Bart’s hospital (Network Manager: London), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IT Director: London), OMM HiTec (Resources director: Docklands), London Fire brigade (Network Manager: London), Aspentech (IT Director: EMEA/Boston), until Home was found at Sei-IS Business Consultancy (Principal Consultant: Belgium).

Sei-IS Business Consultancy provide advice and direction on collaborative platforms such as SharePoint or MOSS as well as provide consultancy and advice to small and medium Enterprises on process and change management supporting their growth and development from their start-up roots.

Rest and Play!
Home is 20Km west of Brussels in Belgium where I live with my two children and partner in a 400 year old Sheep-barn in the grounds of a Castle.  We spend time travelling around Europe or work-out on the trampoline or swimming together or just chilling out with a good movie.  I like to read old thrillers and find most of my authors are retiring or simply passing their name to their sons and daughters… a reminder that life moves on.

Personally I am reasonably addicted to Formula One both as a sport and the politics that make it the world phenomena it is today.  Whilst family come first I usually get to watch all the races throughout the year and spend hours reading the web pages for news and articles.

Firstly to be able to type accurately and fast… sitting this side of this paragraph makes me wish I had taken those typing lessons on offer at School!  I get a kick by watching organisations changes as they start to take on board products that allow the sharing and use of Knowledge within a company.  SharePoint can ensure that communications barriers are broken down and that risk of data loss are removed from an organisations agenda.  My ambitions all tend to lay in ensure that I am as helpful and supportive to my customers as I can be.

I suppose I still want to jump out of a plane but aspirations to go into space are now probably unrealistic!  As I type this though I realise how lucky I have been when I consider that I achieved my goals of being a Stand-up Comedian, a Teacher and International IT Director 5 years sooner than my career plan had hoped for, I have managed to do all of these things and am thankful for each and everyone.