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Sei-IS Business Consultancy

Graceful Collaberation …is one the leading Consultancy companies specialising in delivery of Collaboration advice and consultation across Europe.  Sei-IS has been delivering Collaboration support for 8 years to various sized organisations from 60,000 users to 15 users in a variety of European locations.

Sei is Pure

Sei translates from the Chinese Kanji for Pure and Sei-IS deliver exactly what is says on the box…. Pure Information Systems for your Business, focused on ensuring that your staff and partners have the knowledge available to them, enabling them to complete the tasks they are being paid to complete efficiently and on time.

Sei-IS Business Consultancy specialise in SharePoint  projects with the role of re-energising existing installations and advising or project managing new SharePoint environments.

Here are a few examples of projects completed by Sei-IS Business Consultancy with Steve Dalby directing the work or managing the projects:

Sei-IS Project examples are listed here: