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Customer feedback is an important part of any business, and we’re particularly proud of the level of service we offer our customers, and we are grateful that this is reflected in their feedback and considered opinion.

Feel free to read through the testimonials below to see what our customers have to say, not only about how we have looked after them, but also about how quickly and easily they were able to “SuperCharge” their businesses through using our products and services.

We are extremely grateful to everyone for taking their valuable time to send us their kind words…


Laura.J.Gonzalez US Department of Agriculture
 …Thank you so much for sending me the refreshers! I was able to create the InfoPath forms and link everything to SharePoint libraries. It has taken me a while to get all the kinks worked out but I think the forms are pretty awesome considering I’ve never been to an InfoPath class before. I have attached my two forms I’ve created and the one form that is based off of a PDF form we had been using. I hope you like it! I was able to also reorganize our SharePoint using metadata and different views, leadership is impressed. I just wanted to say thanks and let you know how grateful I am for your help… Sent by a student from a course at Ramstien US Air base who 3 years after the course, dropped me a line for information on SharePoint Document libraries and InfoPath.  Students they are always welcome to follow up by email and they do.  Laura asked a few questions, I answered and she responded with the results and the above note.
Jim Neumiller
Jim Neumiller Knowledge Manager Office; US Army
Steve’s experience and depth of knowledge about “all things” SharePoint is only eclipsed by his willingness to assist even after the class is over. An extraordinary instructor who can make even the driest, technical materials fun and easy to grasp. A true professional who is able to impart lasting and effective training.
Tony Wegewijs
Tony Wegewijs Heineken Global Supply Chain
Steve has been deeply involved in the design, development, coordination and implementation of SharePoint 2010 sites in HEINEKEN Supply Chain as well in other functional disciplines across Heineken Globally.This included design of the security and governance model, but also training and support for the group of appointed site owners for whom he’s become a true SharePoint sparring partner. Focus of Steve’s involvement in our SharePoint implementation was not only on the technical part but definitely also on the business side of it, where change management and communication comes into the game. Our working relationship was based on continuously challenging things in order to get the best out of SharePoint technology. He supported us in our discussions with the HEINEKEN IT organisation, where his broad experience in this field was very valuable to us and changed the course of things in a positive way.
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Erick Ocasio
Erick Ocasio Military Command
Steve Dalby has an excellent business pedigree and is all about big picture. Working with Steve Dalby on an enterprise solution for a major military command was a pleasure.He helped develop a comprehensive Knowledge Management strategy and SharePoint governance plan that will lead the organization down the right path of collaboration and information sharing. His ability to gather requirements based on customer need and layout a path forward that addressed risks, produced metrics, and influence culture change has been unmatched in all my years working in the KM field.His advice on taxonomy creation, termstore management, deployment of enterprise content types, and overall organization layout has allowed the organization to stay on track in supporting not only our collaboration initiative strategy but the needs and interests of the Entire Enterprise and our customers. He’s worth his weight in gold!!!.
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Ed Bleij Knowlogy Europe
Over the last few years, both as a Sharepoint trainer and consultant, Steve has been making valuable contributions to two large scale training & consultancy programs I had the profound pleasure to be involved with.Steve participated as a Sharepoint instructor in a training program for a federal governmental department throughout several European countries, and as such proved himself to be an expert trainer and true Sharepoint connoisseur, as well as a flexible and practical, no-nonsense teamplayer. Steve’s efforts had a great educational impact and met with hearty appreciation from the students.At about the same time, Steve worked as a Sharepoint trainer and consultant for a beer brewing institution of international fame. Here too Steve made significant improvements to the business.Steve opened up the practical use of Sharepoint to the employee-users with some very effective training sessions. As a consultant, he brought local management up to speed with the deeper content of the Sharepoint, disclosing a universe of new possibilities.Steve is a tremendous instructor/consultant and a great guy to be with too. Kudoos!.
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Nicholas Glatz European US Military
Steve and his team led our migration in bringing together the Governance requirements for a tactical forces command headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  His team assisting with gathering business processes, training users and portal development all while encompassing the higher command requirements.The Governance document that he project to remain focused while from Moss 2007 for 40,000 people to a SharePoint 2010 environment.The introduction of Taxonomy into the governance structure enabled a smoother migration than was expected.  This resulted in a superior cost savings, reduced down-time and the increased ability to begin collaboration far sooner than expected.  The output was a practical document that supported users across the SharePoint 2010 environment and provided a back-bone for the change process that always follows a major application migration. We couldn’t be happier – Steve is a pleasure to work with and is as good as his word!
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