Those Famous Words….

Steve Dalby, SharePoint SpecialistI am sure you have all read them as your twitter account draws you to an interesting site of someones personal interests or role in life…. they are of course

Welcome to my blog

Now don’t get me wrong, you are all more than welcome to read through some of the items I will be adding and maybe get to follow me around Europe as I travel and do what I hope are interesting things,  share odd pictures, and divulge my knowledge and know-how of SharePoint but…

Welcome to Steve Dalby's blogMy name is Steve Dalby, I want to entertain, indulge in some strange ideas and collect your comments as we enter the sometimes rather obtuse world of SharePoint and it’s rather cool ways of ensuring knowledge is collected and make relevant to the reade,r just when they needed it.

Pure Knowledge, Nothing more-Nothing Less..

After all this is what your company paid out the money for… now to make it happen.